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Retour aux Sources. (via Carphunter’s Blog)

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via Carphunter's Blog

Drayton Reservoir

22 02 2015

Drayton Reservoir
off the A361
NN11 0SG

Tel: 01908 302556 for match bookings
Tel: 07889 532563 for the bailiff (9.00am – 6.00pm)
Tel: 01132 816895 for up-to-date information
(24 hour information line)

British Waterways logoBritish Waterways proudly says that Drayton Reservoir is arguably one of the best easy specimen carp and match fisheries of its type in England.

And with the average size of the carp now being between 12lbs and 14lbs and the match record standing at over 400lbs for a six hour competition, it is not surprising that the water is heavily booked for weekend matches up to two years ahead.

Typical staging at Drayton ReservoirAngling is permitted throughout the water except from near the Sailing Club and it speaks for itself when British Waterways warn anglers not to leave their rods unattended when fishing. Over the past few years more than 500 rods and poles have been dragged into the reservoir after being left unattended by anglers. However, despite its popularity, pleasure anglers can always find room to fish, and the abundance of trees and waterside vegetation mean there are some very attractive pegs.

Typical staging at Drayton ReservoirThe weights for matches are so good that most clubs recommend their members take two large keepnets when visiting Drayton – indeed, British Waterways insist on it.

But it is not only as a match water that Drayton excels. In 2004 Drayton claimed its first 40lb carp, whilst fish weighing over 20lbs are caught virtually every day and even modest anglers can expect to catch several double figure fish at a sitting with afternoon sessions usually being the most productive.

Typical staging at Drayton ReservoirLike its neighbour Clattercote Reservoir, Drayton is unusual in that it is almost completely surrounded by a modern wooden walkway which leads to 123 individual jetty-style pegs which jut out into the water.

British Waterways holds a monthly Pike Match from November through to March and details of these can be obtained from the bailiff.

In 2007, Drayton introduced limited night fishing and this will continue in 2008, although pegs must be booked in advance. For the safety of anglers, the water is patrolled by a security company. Because of the stamp of the fish in Drayton, unhooking mats must be used. In addition, anglers should not take metal tins for items such as cat food, luncheon meat or sweetcorn onto the site.

Fred Pinfold with his 21lb Drayton mirror 67-years-old Derby angler Fred Pinfold proved that late season fishing for carp can still yield massive returns when his first visit to Drayton Reservoir at the end of October saw him net 12 fish between 12lbs and 21lbs. Fishing with a neighbour after having had a 15 year break from angling, Fred, pictured left with his 21lb fish, said: « I quickly found that in the carp world, technology had left me quite a way behind – but I’m also finding that some of the old methods still get good results. »

Fishing off the dam steps because of the low water level, Fred fished a method feeder to 8lb line on one rod and a waggler to 4lb line on the other. On the method rod he hair rigged a marine pellet to a number 12 hair rig and cast well out whilst the waggler set up was a No 8 hook with no hair, baited with meat and fished on the bottom about three rod lengths out. Four fish fell to the method – the biggest being 17lbs – and eight to the waggler, the biggest being the 21lb fish. Even his smallest fish was over 12lbs.

Opening Times

All year round 7.00am until dusk – night fishing by advance booking

2008 day ticket costs

Adults OAP/disabled/juniors
Day Tickets £6.00 (one rod) and £10.00 (two rods) £4.00 (one rod) and £8.00 (two rods)
Evening Tickets (after 5.00pm) £4.00 £4.00
Match pegs £6.00
Pike permit (from October 15 to March 31) £6.00 (one rod) and £10.00 (two rods)

Match bookings are now being taken for 2009

One on the lineStocked predominantly with carp, a large number of which run to well over 20lbs but which average between 12lbs and 14lbs; perch to 2lbs 8oz; roach to 1lb 8oz; tench to 4lbs; and pike to over 26lbs, Drayton is a feeder reservoir for the Grand Union Canal and offers a variety of fishing from sheltered stretches in tree and reed-lines bays to open water fishing.

As one would expect, the deepest water – up to 30ft – is to be found off the dam wall whilst at either end of the dam it shallows to about eight feet. The depth shallows off towards the far end, running at only three feet near the banks to about seven feet in the middle at the far end.

Map of the ReservoirWhen it comes to fishing, Drayton is popular with anglers from as far afield as Llandudno and most people do well even on their first visit. With 100lb plus nets of carp now commonplace, Drayton attracted more than 15,000 angler visits last year.

Because it is fairly large, Drayton is slow to warm up at the beginning of the year but by the same token fishes well late into the season as it retains the heat better than many waters.

As a result, the best months tend to be from July through until about Christmas. During this time everywhere on the water fishes well. After Christmas, however, the more successful pegs tend to be in the deeper water, the dam side of an imaginary line drawn between Peg 101 and Peg 18. From the end of March onwards the fish tend to spread throughout the lake.

Drayton is also an excellent pike venue in winter. Pike permits costing £10.00 are available from October 15 until March 31 and entitle anglers to fish two rods.

Pegs down the right hand bankThe three main techniques used to fish Drayton are the Method or groundbait feeder, an ordinary or bagging waggler and the pole.

Because 90 per cent of the fish at Drayton are Mirror Carp the Method and groundbait feeder are both very popular and enable the groundbait and hookbait to be kept close together. Most anglers fish a 10lb main line tied to a 6lb minimum hook length and anything up to a Size 6 or 8 barbless hook.

When fishing the pole and waggler, main line strengths of 10lbs and hook lengths of 6lbs to 8lbs are still recommended. For float fishing in the deep water anglers are recommended to groundbait and loosefeed constantly and fish about six feet deep. Paste and pellet baits are also good, fished five to six metres from the bank.

Down the far endThe average size of fish taken on the pole tends to be bigger than the average taken on the feeder or waggler because the larger fish tend to inhabit the margins. Because of this, a minimum 16 or 18 elastic is advised.

Indeed, Drayton is another of those waters where you don’t need to fish far out from the bank to catch and a waggler fished just off the end of the rod tip on the bottom produces equally good results as baits fished at longer distances.

Also, it seems that almost anything goes. Two local anglers who have been regulars to the water for the past six years say they can remember having had only two blank sessions. Most times they fish the water they don’t bother to take any hook bait, their favourite bait is ordinary groundbait squeezed tightly onto the hook and fished under the rod tip!

Permits for Drayton are available from the patrolling bailiff on the bank. There are toilet facilities and car parking spaces.

Some typical Drayton carpSome typical Drayton carpSome typical Drayton carp

Match Bookings

Match bookings can be made by telephoning 01908 302556 (where there is an answerphone service when the telephone is unattended).

Up-to-date information on how the reservoir is fishing can be obtained from British Waterways’ 24-hour Information Line on 01132 816895.

How to get there…

Click on the map for a larger image
Drayton Reservoir can be found on the northern edge of Daventry where the A361 nears the town and can be reached from the M1 motorway for anglers travelling from the North or South or from the A45 for those travelling east or west.

From the north leave the M1 at Junction 18 and head south on the A5. At the roundabout in Kilsby take the A361 heading south to Daventry and Drayton is on the right hand side.

Travelling on the M1 from the south east, leave the motorway at Junction 16 and take the A45 to Daventry, then follow the signs for Drayton Fields.

From the south west come off the M40 at Junction 11 and take the A361 to Daventry, then follow the signs for Drayton Fields.

Click on the map to the left for a better quality image and then scroll in our out to plan your best route.

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